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DOOM 3: VR Edition is coming to PS VR!

PS VR headset? Check. AIM controller? Check. BFG 9000? Check. Welcome back to Mars, Marine. DOOM 3: VR Edition is officially coming to PlayStation VR on March 29, 2021!

We’re longtime fans of DOOM and all its infernal fun, so here’s a rough idea of what happened when we realised we were about to bring DOOM 3’s classic action horror to VR:

  1. Collective meltdown from sheer excitement. (But just for a little bit. We’re professionals.)

  2. Play DOOM 3.

  3. Play DOOM 3 again.

  4. Play every other DOOM title we could find.

  5. One last DOOM 3 playthrough?

  6. Get to work with all our ideas for making the VR Edition as badass as possible.

You know we’re all about building VR experiences that are simple, intuitive, and bring you as close to the action as possible. Here’s a preview of what we added to the VR Edition of DOOM 3.

DOOM 3: VR Edition

AIM Controller Support.

Take the BFG 9000, the Super Shotgun, and every other classic DOOM 3 weapon into your literal hands. We’ve given each piece of gear a fresh coat of paint, check it out up close!

DOOM 3: VR Edition

Dynamic Crouching & Cornering.

Duck low to avoid an Imp fireball, turn on a dime to cover your six, and peek around corners for a sneaky potshot. DOOM 3: VR Edition takes full advantage of PS VR’s movement and opens up all new angles on the battlefield.

DOOM 3: VR Edition

Body & Arsenal-mounted UI.

Check in on your Health, Armor, and Ammo with a glimpse to your new wrist-mounted PDA, or the digital read-outs on your weapons and grenades.

DOOM 3: VR Edition

Flashlights & Laser Sights.

Cut through the darkness and enemy hordes alike with these new VR-only upgrades for your weapons.

DOOM 3: VR Edition

Comfort Options for All.

Whether you prefer snap-turn or smooth-turn, vignetting or full-view, DOOM 3: VR Edition’s comfort options were built with players of every experience level in mind.


That’s just a quick glimpse of all the hefty new stuff we’ve packed into this quintessential DOOM title. Partnering with the incredible teams at id and Bethesda Softworks on this project has been a major highlight of our 8 year lifetime, and we can’t wait to share more of it with you throughout the month. Stay tuned for plenty more!


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