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Our Values.


Our guiding philosophy when choosing the products we create, and the way we create them. When we are innovative, we attract the best possible partners, captivate our target audience, and push the industry forward.


Diversity & Inclusion.

A diverse and actively included workforce enables us to solve problems in new, creative, and humane ways, while creating content that is meaningful to a wider audience. We value culture contribution over culture fit.


Kindness & Respect.

Respect for each other, our products, our clients, and our customers is critical to our success. Without a deeply ingrained culture of respect, we cannot work together effectively.

Creative Integrity.

Establishing leadership means keeping our ideas fresh and our creativity sharp. With so much new ground to break in this emerging industry, we see far more value in our original ideas than in fast-following others.

Open Communication.

While we may have many projects, we are one team. Everyone can and should speak to anyone else in the studio as peers, with ample opportunity to share our best ideas, critiques, and solutions.

We Make Games.

We strongly believe that VR/AR game experiences are a force of incredible good, offering unique opportunities for human connection, discovery, well-being, and joy.

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