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Don't forget

to breathe.

Plunge into a capsizing research ship where survival means outmaneuvering the water's lethal surge. As world-class diver Ren Tanaka, you must freedive through a sinking ship, overcome underwater chaos, and unlock your path to the surface, all while protecting your most precious resource: the breath in your lungs.

VR Awards 2019 Finalist Badge
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Underwater Adventure.

Survive a harrowing nautical disaster as a world-class freediver.

MEet Ren tanaka

Ren Tanaka is a freediver, capable of swimming to incredible depths without the use of scuba gear. A close call on her last dive has kept her landlocked for months, but when her mentor Dr. Lindstrom, an eccentric and brilliant scientist, claims to have made a stunning discovery in an underwater cavern, Ren decides to return to the deep.​

Woman diver in green, yellow and black diving suit

"So convincing I was occasionally caught off-guard by the sound of my own breathing when I was meant to be underwater."


"A breath of fresh air thanks to its engaging interactivity and thoughtful VR design."


"An energetic journey which keeps you on edge at all times."