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Archiact Holiday Party 2021: The Golden Moments

It’s been over three years since our last holiday gathering together, but at last we can gather safely once again! Here at Archiact, we just had our 2021 holiday party at the Stanley Park Pavilion. (And yes, we made sure to check everyone for full vaccination status and bring our masks.)

Archiact’s 2021 Holiday Party banner, featuring the Archiact map theme against a blurred out background of Christmas trees.

Under the golden lights, Archiact teammates and their plus ones trickled in for a night of drinks, delicious dinner, and masked mingling. We saw lots of familiar faces and some new ones too. We’ve been steadily building our team for a couple of years now, but seeing so many of our new colleagues in person made us realize just how much. In fact, so many of our teammates are from all over the world, they joined us via a virtual meetup. While we didn’t exactly make a VR party, we still wanted people to be able to drop by and say hi even remotely. It was definitely a great opportunity to reconnect with each other again.

The Archiact Studio Head greets employees who dropped by remotely via video call. The laptop is set up on a small white cocktail table beside a snow-dusted Christmas tree.

A group of Archiact coworkers share beers and a friendly chat  in the hours leading up to dinner.

Dinner was a festive affair, where the most curious food item was the cranberry butter. We also enjoyed salmon, turkey, seafood platters and ravioli. Not to mention, succulent slices of roast beef with au jus. (Some of us wished they sliced them thicker.) The classic dessert of the night was a log cake with raspberries sprinkled all around. Food is always a great way to connect with other people, and given how many new faces attended, we’re sure people made many new friends over dinner.

Entering the dining room, the walls are decorated with tinsel and white dinner decorations and carefully arranged plating await Archiact’s employees.

And of course, what Archiact holiday party would be complete without one of Kurt’s iconic speeches? Kurt, our studio head, took a moment to celebrate Archiact’s accomplishments,and the amazing team that made them happen. 2021 saw us roll out an adventurous new studio look, work with world-class partners in Bethesda Softworks and id Software to release DOOM 3: VR Edition, make yet another appearance at the VR Awards, and nurture a growing team of talented VR devs that spans the globe.

Kurt got to the essence of why we were gathered that day: to celebrate each other, our hardships and transformations, our achievements and accomplishments. After all, to achieve something, you first have to overcome something. We learn from each other and we help each other out; we aren’t afraid to explore possibilities; we talk to each other to help solve problems. The holiday party celebrated all this and more!

The Archiact team sits down for dinner. People trail into the holiday decorated room as the camera pans around.

We are proudly Archiact. If you’d like to join our team, we have plenty of positions open at the moment.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2021; we shall see you in the new year with plenty of exciting news to share!


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