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Presenting Archiact Games Night: FREEDIVER Speedrun Edition

You heard it here first. We have officially recovered from our holiday food coma and will finally be hosting a games night called FREEDIVER 1v1 Speedrun on February 25!

It’s a VR speedrun event which will be live streamed exclusively on Archiact’s Discord. It’s going to be a fun night filled with glitches, laughs and the perfect amount of chaos. If you want to learn more about it, then keep reading.

What you need to know

The FREEDIVER: Triton Down 1v1 Speedrun will be a head-to-head, or in this case, headset-to-headset friendly competition where two of Archiact’s developers will speed battle it out for fame, glory and bragging rights; as well as the freedom to choose which charity we will be donating to. All proceeds made from this event will be split between two charities. We will be sharing more details about it soon!

What is a Speedrun?

Speedrunning is when an individual attempts to complete a game or section of a game as quickly as they can. However, there is a lot more to speedrunning than meets the eye; there are different categories one can participate in like, glitchless or any percent glitched.

Like its name, “glitchless”, this speedrun category is where it doesn’t make use of any glitches in the game to finish the game. Meanwhile, any percent glitched means getting to the end credits as quickly as possible, using any and all glitches to do so. In this case, all is fair in love and glitches.

Glitch at your own risk

For our games night event, we will be allowing the players to make use of the glitches. This means that the speedrunners can make use of the glitches in FREEDIVER, if it exists, to reach the end credits as fast as possible.

speedrun in vr

While speedrunning is insanely popular in the games community, we have not seen a lot of speedruns done in VR. And so you might wonder, “what is the difference between typical speedrunning and speedrunning in VR?” And the answer to that is, a handful but nothing too crazy.

To start, your stamina will ultimately be tested when speedrunning in VR since immersive gameplay can be a lot more intense than flat gaming. There are also fewer cutscenes in VR and even if they do, they are quite short. And so, speedrunning in VR will be filled with hearty gameplay and maybe a couple of cutscenes here and there.

Last but not least, VR hasn’t quite broken into the mainstream speedrunning community yet. And we at Archiact would like to change that! It doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been done before, because it certainly has, but we want to break down that barrier even further and get more people to speedrun in VR.

If you’re curious what speedrunning is like in VR, check out Half Life: Alyx speedrun below.

Let's have a speedy night

Join us for a night of diving, speedrunning and streaming on February 25 at Archiact’s Discord. The event will start at 4:00 pm PT and will last until we’ve run out of VR gas or our headsets run out of battery. But seriously, it's an hour-long event, however, please feel free to hangout on Discord with friends, community members and some of our developers.

We hope to see you there!

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