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Kicking off the first Games Night is Evasion co-op with the devs themselves! If you’ve ever wanted to beat a VR dev at their own game, your chance comes on October 7 from 5-6PM Pacific Time. Our devs will be hanging out in Archiact’s Discord server and streaming gameplay from matches. Voice chat will be on, so let the hilarity ensue.

Evasion's banner image. It features the logo overlaying the different classes of characters available to play. They are posed with guns out and shooting across an open mountainous terrain with structures in the distance.

Games Night, Who?

Archiact devs will be streaming gameplay from various cool VR games with voice chat open. For October 7, our inaugural game of choice is Evasion. You’ll get to hear all the action via voice chat (and probably also the panicked cries of people on the verge of dying in game), but even better is that you can comment and converse with us as we play!

Anyone is welcome to join and we encourage you to participate in multiplayer mode if you want to. Co-op survival matches, cooperative battles against robot armies of the Optera, and more await! (And we heard there might be game key giveaways too…)

If you want to play, make sure you have Evasion installed by October 7 and watch for our lobby at 5PM Pacific Time. If you just want to sit back and watch, join our Discord and cheer us on! (Or snicker as we die. We won’t judge.)

Screenshot in Evasion as two players defend against a horde of robot monsters in a rocky area. One has a whip of light extending from their gun, which caused some of the enemies to explode.

Did you say we can meet and play with Devs too?

Yes! Various members from our team will drop in and play too. We’re all very friendly. :D

Sounds cool, but what are we playing?

We might pick a recently released or upcoming VR game, pick something from our own library, or do a community vote in our discord from among a few options. Suggestions and feedback are welcome!

Our first one on October 7 will be Evasion, but our next one is yet to be decided. If you want to take your pick, join Archiact’s Discord server and keep an eye out for community voting polls about Games Nights!

You can invite your friends to come hang out and play too!

The more the merrier! Even if you and your friends just want to watch silently or chat with us via text, we’re happy to have you.

Play some Evasion. Play some Evasion with its devs. Play some Evasion with its devs and beat them at their own game with others in the community. (Or watch as it all goes down.) Sound fun? Join our Discord server (and invite your friends) for our first ever Games Night on October 7 at 5-6PM Pacific Time:


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