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Archiact Games Night Returns: Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

What if you took all the heart-pumping action of a VR FPS, but instead of throwing grenades at enemies, you were throwing lunch meat at friends? Welcome to Cook-Out! Last month, we hosted our first Games Night featuring Evasion and this month we’re back for another Games Night with Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale! Play with us (or watch!) on November 25 from 5-6PM Pacific Time in this multiplayer VR cooking game made by Resolution Games. Our devs will be hanging out in Archiact’s Discord server and streaming gameplay from live matches!

Featuring Cook-Out’s colorful cast of customers that you will need to please.

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale challenges up to four players to keep the orders coming for a hungry cast of enchanted creatures. We’re all cooks in a cabin inside a fairytale forest in this game. Levels get increasingly chaotic so we’re not just preparing meals, but also fighting off nasty customers dead set on making trouble. Jesters will hide parts of orders and thieves will pilfer ingredients! Teamwork will be tested and communication is more important than ever.

“It will be easy,” they said. Not so in Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale. Preparing meals for customers isn’t as simple as you think.

Despite the game being multiplayer, it’s also possible to play solo (especially for those who like a challenge). It also has avatar customization features and skins available. If you like what you see, this game is a great one to pick up.

Cook up a storm fulfilling orders and defend against angry customers’ tricks! Watch us dive headfirst into kitchen chaos or dive in with us--whichever you choose, there’s bound to be entertainment. (Dinner entertainment, anyone? What could be more fitting?)

Sound fun? Bring your friends along and join our Discord server for our second Games Night on November 25 at 5-6PM Pacific Time:

Hot from the kitchen, this image was taken mere moments before disaster.


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