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Celebrating 9 Years in VR Games!

April is a very special month around here. Not only is it the time of year when the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase rolls around, but it's also our birthday month! This year, Archiact is celebrating our 9th year as a VR/AR game developer, and it's never felt sweeter.

What has the last year held for us?

We fully embraced our vivid new look as the VR Adventure Guides, sharing the best of our VR design learnings in the Uncharted Territory article series. We began our journey towards becoming a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive employer in this growing industry. Got nominated for not one, but two Game of the Year awards with DOOM 3: VR Edition.

Oh, and did we mention our team is growing? Like, really growing.

But of course, the most exciting news of all is the news we can't share. Well, not just yet, that is. (You might be able to get a hint or two from our job postings, though!)

For now, all we'll say is that everything from Archiact's past decade has been building up to what we're working on right now. If we've learned anything from our nine years, it's that being a leader in VR/AR means constantly finding new ways to propel the industry forward, no matter how big or small the step.

This time, we're going big, and we can't wait to show you the worlds we're making now.


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