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The Triton Incident Ep. 3 - Transcript

Screen-ready friendly transcript for Episode 3 of The Triton Incident, a mystery audio drama.

Traveling deeper into the heart of Bali, the last known point of contact with the RSV Triton, Sophia searches for the final piece of her puzzle, but soon learns that some secrets have dangerous guardians.

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The Triton Incident - Ep
. 101 _Unplumbed
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SFX: Driving on a paved road.

AUTOMATED GPS VOICE: In two hundred meters, turn left onto Bongantik Nusa Kura.

SOPHIA: (to herself) But there’s no road.


SOPHIA: (to herself) There’s no road! Ah, screw it.

SFX: The rumble of a car turning onto a dirt road.

SOPHIA: I’m in Kuta in Bali. It’s basically a ghost town, filled with abandoned tourist attractions and crumbling ruins. The few people I’ve seen here look desperate. Dirty clothes and skin rashes.

MUSIC: Gentle synth ambience.


SOPHIA: On the way here I passed — I kid you not — a 737 wedged between two ramshackle houses with thatched roofs. I’m told that it is one of two jets you can find in Kuta. I walked right up its wing, which had collapsed and made a rickety ramp to the empty, dirty fuselage. The turbines were boarded up with wood. Apparently someone was going to make it into a tourist attraction once upon a time.

AUTOMATED GPS VOICE: You have arrived at your destination.

SFX: The car screeches to a halt on the dirt road.

SOPHIA: (looking at the view) Jesus…

SFX: The car idles. She hasn’t gotten out.

SOPHIA: Now I’m at what looks to be a half-finished resort. There’s an impressive stone staircase overgrown with weeds and fallen trees that lead to a bunch of other buildings. The windows are smashed and a few walls have caved in. There are bricks, dirt and broken glass everywhere, and graffiti on the walls.

I’m here to meet someone, someone who says they can get me down to the Triton. My old friend Laura connected us. She used to sell weed. She said she found the guy on the ‘dark web’. I...I don’t know what that is. I feel massively out of my element. I didn’t even bring a gun. (Realising how silly that statement is) I wouldn’t know how to get a gun.

SFX: The door opens. Footsteps on gravel. She walks for a bit.

SOPHIA: Hello?

SFX: More walking.

SOPHIA: Hello, anyone there? (to herself) Oh God, I’m going to be murdered.

J-P: Sophia?

SOPHIA: (Startled) Jesus... Uh, are you J-P?

J.-P: Mm. Welcome to the ghost palace.

SOPHIA: The what?

J-P : That’s what they call this. “The ghost palace.” It was gonna be a resort. Then those suicide bombers took out Paddy’s Pub and the investors pulled out.

SOPHIA: That was here?

J-P: Over that hill.

SOPHIA: Oh, I didn’t make the connection.

J-P: You got a cigarette?

SOPHIA: Sorry, I don’t smoke.

J-P: (Sighs) Everybody here smokes these clove cigarettes. They’re fucking awful. I shoulda asked you to bring like ten packs from the States.

SFX: J-P pulls a cigarette out of a pack and lights up.

J-P: Ugh.

SOPHIA: I saw that you got the money.

J-P: Yeah. Word of advice: next time a drug runner asks you for money up front, say no. I could have taken the money and run.

SOPHIA: Why didn’t you?

J-P: Guess I’m just a big softie. Don’t tell anyone.

SOPHIA: So... when do we leave?

J-P: We’ll wait until dark. Less patrols.

SOPHIA: Makes sense.

SFX: He takes another drag of the cigarette.

J-P: Listen, you sure you want to do this? No offense, but you look like an accountant.

SOPHIA: I am an accountant.

J-P: We get caught, the government here doesn’t mess around. Those guys who blew up Paddy’s Place? They were shot by firing squad.

SOPHIA: I have to do this.

J-P: It’s an old shipwreck. Probably been picked over by now. What are you hoping to find?

SOPHIA: Answers.

J-P: To what?

SOPHIA: ...Questions.

J-P: Fair enough. Follow me.

SFX: The interior of a narco sub. It’s claustrophobic. A loud diesel motor chugs in the background. The men have to shout to be heard.

FRENCH DRUG RUNNER: Par ici? (Over here?)

J-P: Non, non, apres la crête. la! (No, no, past the ridge. There!)

SOPHIA: I’m in a drug sub. It looks like something you can build in a basement. There’s a diesel motor in the back. Not even enough room to stand up. I never considered myself to be especially claustrophobic, but...

J-P: Dans la fosse. (Through the trench.)

FRENCH DRUG RUNNER: Ok je le vois. (I see it.)

SOPHIA: It’s hot, like one hundred and fifty degrees, and smells like an outhouse. There’s no bathroom. They crap in a pail. I’ve decided to hold it.

SFX: Sonar pulse.

SOPHIA: What was that?

J-P: Sonar.

J-P: Vite comment? (How fast?)

SFX: Another pulse.

FRENCH DRUG RUNNER: Presque 20 noeuds. (About twenty knots.)

SOPHIA: What’s going on?

J-P: Something’s coming towards us. Fast.

FRENCH DRUG RUNNER: Trente noeuds! (Thirty knots!)

SFX: The pulsing gets faster.

SOPHIA: Maybe it’s a shark or something.

J-P: Too big.

SFX: The pulse is very rapid!

J-P: Hold on!

SFX: Something impacts the hull.

J-P: Oh God!

SOPHIA: (Screams, thrown about the hull)

SFX: A crash, objects rattling inside the small metal space as they’re thrown about.

J-P: Is everyone okay?


SFX: More sonar pulses.

FRENCH DRUG RUNNER: Merde qu'est ce que c'est? C'est autour de nous! (Shit, it’s coming around!)

SFX: The mysterious, massive, terrible sound from Episode One rings out!

J-P: We need to surface!

SOPHIA: I know that sound!

J-P: (Overlapping) Get us to the surface!


FRENCH CREW: (swearing in French)

SFX: The mysterious sound comes again, followed by a massive IMPACT. A final sonar pulse. Silence.

SOPHIA: (Coming to) Ugh…. (out) Hello?

MUSIC: The hum of fluorescent light, becoming melodic.

SOPHIA: I’m in what looks like a nursing station. J-P? French guy?

SFX: She jiggles the hand of the door.

SOPHIA: The door’s locked. There are no windows. It’s impossible to know where I am. Or what time it is. The air smells stale. I’m in a...I’m in a medical gown, but there’s a pile on the table with all my stuff.

SFX: She bangs on the door.

SOPHIA: (Yelling) Hello! Is anyone there? Hello!

SFX: The click of a door being unlocked and swinging open.

LIEUTENANT DOYLE: Ma’am, please don’t bang on the door.

SOPHIA: Who are you?

LIEUTENANT DOYLE: My name is Lieutenant Doyle.

SOPHIA: Are you a Marine?

LIEUTENANT DOYLE: No, ma’am. Canadian Royal Navy.

SOPHIA: Am I in Canada?


SOPHIA: You don’t need to call me ma’am.


SOPHIA: Ugh. So where are we?

LIEUTENANT DOYLE: I’m afraid I can’t tell you that, ma’am. Someone will be along shortly to fill you in. Until then, I suggest you sit tight.

SFX: Door closes.


SFX: Door opens.

LIEUTENANT DOYLE: What can I do for you?

SOPHIA: What happened to the other people on the boat?

LIEUTENANT DOYLE: They were remanded into the custody of the Indonesian government.

SOPHIA: Why wasn’t I sent with them?

LIEUTENANT DOYLE: I can’t say, ma’am. Good day.

SFX: Door nearly closing...



SOPHIA: I need to use the washroom.


MUSIC: Uncertain, anxious piano.

SOPHIA: I’ve been waiting here for… I don’t know. A while. I don’t think I’m in Canada. I feel a heaviness on my chest and my ears keep popping.

Lieutenant Doyle brought me my clothes. Um. They’ve got that (sniff) antiseptic smell you get from big industrial washers. I can hear voices in a bunch of different languages outside the door. Uh…? Mandarin, Dutch… I think...Javanese? Also animals sounds?

Oh, someone’s coming...

SFX: The door opens, this time with ambience conversations spilling from the hallway beyond.

LIEUTENANT DOYLE: I need you to come with me, ma’am.

SOPHIA: Where are we going?


SOPHIA: Not big on details, are you?

LIEUTENANT DOYLE: You can leave your stuff.

SOPHIA: All right.

SFX: They leave the medical bay. Some ambient science lab sounds. The hum of light fixtures. Distant voices.

SOPHIA: I’m in a research lab, I think. There’s people in lab coats. Everything looks brand new. And a jellyfish just swam past the window! So yep, we’re underwater.

(to DOYLE) How deep are we?

LIEUTENANT DOYLE: Please keep up.

SOPHIA: It’s weird how normal all this is. I just passed a vending machine. They’re out of Fresca. There are couches along the wall, like in a doctor’s office. We just passed a room labeled ‘Hydrostasis’.

SFX: A distant intercom announcement.

ANNOUNCER: Doctor Kanesevich, please report to Signal Processing.

SOPHIA: Oh. We’ve entered a big atrium. Oh! Holy crap, this place is huge. I’m counting like eight floors. More soldiers, more labcoats...a few techs doing science-y stuff...

SFX: Splash of someone breaking the surface of a nearby pool.

SOPHIA: Oh! Uh. A woman in a wetsuit just swam up through this little pond in the floor...

REN: (A bit out of breath) They’re called moon pools. They allow us to move equipment to other parts of the facility. Gimme a hand with this zipper?

SOPHIA: (Caught off-guard) Uh, sure.

SFX: Sounds of a wetsuit zipper being pulled.

REN: How you doing, Lieutenant?

LIEUTENANT DOYLE: I’m fine, ma’am.

REN: I’ll take it from here.


SFX: Receding footsteps.

REN: Thanks. You were in bad shape when we found you. How are you feeling?

SOPHIA: I’m fine.

REN: Good! Your dad would haunt me forever if I let anything happen to you. Bad enough we had to pull you out of a narco sub.

SOPHIA: Oh my God...

REN: What were you doing in a narco sub anyway?

SOPHIA: You’re her! You’re Ren Tanaka.

REN: Call me Ren.

MUSIC: Energetic, excited synth sounds, like a hand pan, rising melodically.

NARRATOR: The Triton Incident is produced by Archiact Interactive, and is a tie-in for the virtual reality game Freediver: Triton Down. This episode was written by Peter Boychuk. Sound design and mixing by Sondra Moyls. Starring Tara Pratt as Sophia and Jeff Gladstone as J-P. Also featuring the voice talents of Seb Bouzac, Alex Eastman, Sebastien Archibald and Mayumi Yoshida..

All music in this episode was composed By Lee Rosevere.

FREEDIVER: Triton Down is available on the Oculus Quest, Playstation VR, the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

© Archiact Interactive, 2020



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