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Archiact Hearts VR Arcades

We’ve been working on something a little different here behind the scenes; did you notice? This past summer, our team has been tweaking and poking our virtual reality games, and today we can finally reveal the results! FREEDIVER: Triton Down and Evasion are now available across all major VR arcade systems, including Springboard VR, Synthesis VR, and the fast-growing chain of VRcades, Ctrl-V!

Now you can duck and dodge alien fire in Evasion, or escape the watery depths of FREEDIVER: Triton Down, all without the need for a VR system at home. Best of all, we’ve done some sneaky under-the-hood tweaks to both games to make them even easier to jump into solo or with a group.

Never been to a VRcade? It’s the perfect introduction to the VR experience. Whether you’re a rock-steady VR pro, or a virtual greenhorn looking for a new thrill, you’re going to have just as much fun at your local VRcade as your regular old arcade joint. We’re talking easy, affordable, accessible VR, usually just a quick car ride away. Honestly, we tried to think of a single event that wouldn’t be a blast at a VRcade (Bachelor party? Birthday? Taylor-just-got-their-dream-job-now-it’s-time-to-party party?) and they pretty much don’t exist.

(If your local VRcade doesn’t list the game you’re itching to dive into, be sure to call them and let them know!)

If you know Archiact, you know how much we love to explore every nook and cranny of the VR/AR industry, and the location-based VR (LBVR) industry caught our curiosity something fierce last year. (Did you know that there are hundreds of VR arcades in the US alone, with thousands popping up worldwide? Best of all, as of 2018, the majority of them are breaking even, or becoming profitable.)

We’re not the only ones: our fellow VR dev studios Secret Location, Beat Games, and Survios have both launched their own bespoke LBVR products, meaning you can experience their amazing games direct from the source.

(Psst. Thinking about bringing your own indie VR titles to arcades? Feel free to hit us up with your questions via Twitter DM; we’ve learned a lot and are happy to share!)

By partnering with LBVR leaders like Springboard VR and Ctrl-V, we can not only bring our games to a whole new group of players (pretty awesome) we can also help expand awareness and excitement for VR on a mainstream scale. (Mega awesome.) And by checking out your local VRcade, you’re helping drive that awareness too, bit by bit. High fives all around!

What’s next for Archiact and VR arcades? Well, Evasion and FREEDIVER are just the beginning. We’re eager to learn more about the LBVR industry, and to explore bringing our other titles to new arcade platforms.

Which Archiact VR game would you like to see at your local arcade? Let us know!


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