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A Statement from Archiact

We are deeply disturbed and saddened by the recent deadly attacks in Georgia, USA, in which six of the victims were Asian women. While Georgia is very far away, our studio is located in Vancouver, Canada, where anti-Asian hate crimes have increased by over 700% since the beginning of the pandemic.

We are fiercely proud to live and work in a city with such a strong and vibrant Asian community. These hostilities are unacceptable here or abroad, and we stand with our friends and colleagues in condemning them.

Furthermore, Archiact will make a donation to the BCCLA. If you are able, we hope you will seek out similar organisations in your area, and consider lending your support as well.

Beyond donations, we would encourage our community to engage in the dialogue and learnings arising from these events, to give support and compassion to those impacted, and to take care of yourselves and others.

- The Archiact Team


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